Debbie Godfrey, certified Parent Educator and the World’s Positive Parenting Teacher, brings over 30 years of expertise in the parenting education field.  Through her business, Positive Parenting, she teaches parenting skills classes on Zoom and in schools and community centers around the world. He also hosts the Positive Parenting Pep Talks Podcast.  Debbie is recognized for her humor and compassion while teaching behavior and discipline tools that work at home and in the classroom.

She has served many organizations including C.A.A.N (Child Abuse and Neglect), Casa Pacifica, Conejo Valley Substance Abuse Prevention Authority and Child Development Resources of Ventura County, The California State Foster Parent Association, Southern California Mothers of Twins, the Ventura County Wellness Program and the Oxnard and Ventura School Districts. In April, 2007, Debbie conducted teacher trainings for 8 schools during a 30-day period in 5 states across India.  Deborah conducted 8 parent education workshops in Beijing, China during a 2-week period in February 2008.  She is the past director of Foster & Kinship Care Education at Ventura College. Debbie is a member of and has sat on the board of the Ventura County Partnership for Safe Families.


"No I Won't and You Can't Make Me!" - Effectively Dealing with Power Struggles.

A 1-1/2 - hour workshop for parents of children of all ages.

In this fun and engaging workshop parents will learn:

  • What we do that has us be ineffective, lose our child’s respect and have them tune us out
  • 2 Questions to ask yourself in the midst of a power struggle that works like magic
  • The cure for “parent deafness” in children
  • Ways to develop self-motivation
  • How to minimize the hassles, tantrums, and tears
  • An approach to feel calmer and have more joy in parenting

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Do you wonder why your child acts the way they do? Do you get triggered by it? This free video, pdf and guide will be one of the most powerful tools you will ever get as a parent to help understand and navigate those perplexing, challenging behaviors. 

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MEET Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor is a PCI Certified Parent Coach,® motivational speaker, host of the Powerful Parenting for Today’s Kids podcast, author and a mother of four. 

Erin was able to take the tragedy of the death of her infant daughter and turn it around, using her hard-earned wisdom to help people from all walks of life step into their power and live their best lives.


Radical Connection is a free course that teaches about a more positive way to parent in which the parent-child relationship is strengthened. It's all about connection and compassion, which heals our relationships and creates a safe space for our children to be themselves. 

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MEET Crystal Haitsma

Crystal Haitsma, is the parenting coach. She's a Canadian homeschooling mom of 4 and a certified Life Coach! She has a BA in Psychology and has loved learning about the study of behaviour for as long as she can remember. She merges radical connection and peaceful parenting philosophies with the how-to, emotions and mindset work. She loves helping moms and couples who are struggling with difficult behaviour in their children. 


Most e-courses for parents aren't worth your time. They're full of stuff you already know, or they're light on practical tips you can actually use. Or both. 

This course is different.

Because according to research, when children are treated respectfully and with empathy, they respond this way to others too.  Isn't that what you want?

And that's why you need the Keep Calm Formula. In this 7-day course, you'll get a science-backed approach and skill set to handle any parenting situation with calm and ease. This is the single best tool for managing challenging emotions & behaviors and connecting with your child.

Register NOW (it's free!) before the doors close. This class will only be offered for a limited time. 

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As a Special Bonus, Melissa is offering a discount on her Strong Bodies, Strong Minds Course where topics like How to get your kids to try new foods willingly, or get them to eat their vegetables, or just help your family be able to sit down as a family for dinner. This course addresses these topics and more! 

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MEET Melissa Benaroya

Melissa Benaroya, MSW, LICSW, is a Seattle-based parent coach, speaker and author. She created the Childproof Parenting online course and is the co-founder of GROW Parenting and Mommy Matters. Melissa provides parents with the tools and support they need to raise healthy children and find more joy in parenting. Melissa offers parent coaching and classes and is a keynote speaker both locally and internationally. Check out Melissa’s blog for more great tips on common parenting issues.


MEET Olivia Edwards

Olivia Edwards is The Positive Parent Coach®. She help Mums develop a calm, present and positive parenting style.

She is the Founder of Raising Positive People and on a mission to help Mums around the world to build positive connections with themselves and their children.

If you've ever found yourself feeling unsure of how to respond to your child's behaviour, or thinking there must be a better way as you spend most of your day nagging or refereeing your children then you've come to the right place! There is a better way and she can show you how.

Her background in Psychology, coupled with her own personal development journey through pregnancy and motherhood lead her to starting her own business Coaching and Supporting Mums. Her mission is to empower you to take control of your parenting and enjoy it! To celebrate your child's strengths and to know you have options and tools you can draw on. 

With over 14 years experience supporting families and education settings she has expanded her expertise leading her to publish 2 scientific papers, speak at multiple global parenting conferences, deliver sessions on the radio and hold several expert speaker slots for The Mummy Circle, The Mumpreneur Diaries, Raising a Warrior and many more. I know what works in practice and you can be reassured that her Parenting Approach is Successful and realistic!


Choose Love™ offers no cost social-emotional learning (SEL) and character education programming for Pre-K through 12th grade. Choose Love is the first SEL program to fully incorporate state of the art Character Social Emotional Development (CSED) model standards, while also incorporating neuroscience and positive psychology to teach mindfulness, character, and emotional intelligence.  These essential life skills and tools make students better learners, more desirable employees and happier, healthier, human beings.

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Scarlett Lewis founded the nonprofit Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement after her six-year-old son’s murder in the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012. She became part of the solution to the issues in society -- and that also caused the tragedy -- and advocates for social-emotional learning and character education. 

She's the author of Nurturing Healing Love: A Mother’s Journey of Hope & Forgiveness, a memoir of her journey toward choosing love and forgiveness, and From Sandy Hook to the World: How the Choose Love Movement Transforms Lives, an in-depth look at how Scarlett founded the Movement and its impact around the world today.  

The Movement's Choose Love for Schools Program is a no-cost, comprehensive, lifespan, next generation, SEL and character development program, empowering educators and students to choose love, handle adversity, and manage their emotions.  Choose Love programming is extended into homes, communities, athletics, and the workplace, and has been accessed in all 50 states and more than 100 countries.

Speaking across the US and internationally to diverse audiences, Scarlett urges everyone to become part of the solution, dedicating her life to helping children and adults around the world to thrive mentally, socially, and emotionally, and she has been instrumental in changing legislation to incorporate SEL into schools. In 2021, Scarlett was named a Forbes 50 over 50 Impact Honoree, one of 50 women leading the way with impact and changing their communities and the world in ways big and small through social entrepreneurship, law, advocacy and education. 


Randi's 3-step recipe for productive conversations will teach you how to infuse empathy into your conversations so that they are actually effective, connecting and ultimately, PRODUCTIVE.

Learning how to master empathy will transform your family relationships and create the peaceful household you crave.

Download the cheat sheet and audio training with my 3-step recipe for having a productive conversation!

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MEET Randi Rubenstein

Randi Rubenstein helps parents navigate hard conversations. She has a soft spot for families with strong-willed kids and believes these kids need our help the most.

Randi’s the founder of Mastermind Parenting, host of the Mastermind Parenting podcast and author of The Parent Gap.  At Mastermind Parenting, we believe every human deserves to have a family that gets along.

Randi works with parents across the U.S. and is based in Houston, Texas where she lives with her husband, Scott, and they have 3 kids.